"May almighty God bless you. May God look upon you with mercy and give you peace..."-Blessing of St. Clare

A message from our Abbess…

September 2016

Dear Friends,

Faith is not a light which scatters our darkness, but a lamp which guides our steps in the darkness and suffices for the journey. Pope Francis

These words of our beloved Holy Father Pope Francis are most welcome and encouraging in this time when violence seems to be endless and pervasive all around our world. So many of our sisters and brothers are suffering persecution for their faith, the aftermath of natural disasters, wars, terrorism, racism; the list goes on before us on our televisions and Internet every day.

So it is tempting to wonder where God is in all of this, to even question the meaning of our faith. God is always God-with-us, even in the midst of the misery of humanity that we inflict on ourselves and each other. We hold the light of the Spirit within us; it is up to us to shed that light in our corner of life to make the steps of the journey possible and easier for others.

You lighten our journey and show us God's ever present provident care with your generous goodness to us. Thank you for your support shown is so many ways which is always a gift of love to us!


Sr. Carolyn and all your Poor Clare Sisters

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