"May almighty God bless you. May God look upon you with mercy and give you peace..."-Blessing of St. Clare

A message from our Abbess…

March 2017

Dear Friends,

Here we are in the midst of the Lenten season; the part of the liturgical year when God gets extra chances to convert our hearts (- because we are more aware of our need for that, right?).

Perhaps we could do ourselves a favor this Lent and look at it as a season of renewal, preparing for new life that God wants to give us, a kind of Spring cleaning of our whole self- and let God do the work!. That's better than seeing it as a long, never ending penitential self-depriving seven weeks.

So rather than telling God what we're going to do for Him, why not ask what God wants to do with us and for us during this season. Listen and you will hear an answer; be ready for something special - and challenging!

Let's pray for each other during this season so that having met the challenge we'll be glowing with new life come Easter.

We give thanks for you and for your gifts which help to make our life of prayer possible.


Sr. Carolyn Forgette, osc and all your Poor Clare Sisters

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