"May almighty God bless you. May God look upon you with mercy and give you peace..."-Blessing of St. Clare

A message from our Abbess…

February 2017

Dear Friends,

The other day two of us were walking through our courtyard on the way to the community room for Midday Prayer and to our delight we noticed a narcissus peeking through the ground! Ah, a sign of Spring - hurray!

Even though February is winter on the calendar, it holds promises of Spring. Like longer days so the workday no longer ends in darkness. The bluebirds are beginning to do some "househunting" around our birdhouses. Our Carolina Silverbell tree has buds starting to swell and the Star Magnolia is blooming. These are all beacons of hope for those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder - as well as those of us who don't!

There are signs of new life everywhere if we only have the eyes to see and take the time to look. How about you? When things seem dim or dark, can you find a sign of new life ahead? Ask God for deeper vision and you will be surprised by what you see - and wonder why you didn't see it before!

We always find your loving support offered in so many ways to be such signs of hope for us. We give thanks for you who help to make our life of prayer possible.


Sr. Carolyn Forgette, osc and all your Poor Clare Sisters

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