"May almighty God bless you. May God look upon you with mercy and give you peace..."-Blessing of St. Clare

A message from our Abbess…

September 2019

Dear Friends

Happy is she to whom it is given to share this sacred banquet, to cling with all her heart to him whose beauty the heavenly hosts admire unceasingly, whose love inflames our love .…St. Clare

As the nation celebrates Labor Day, so do your Poor Clare Sisters through our prayer as well as with a picnic! Labor Day weekend marks the time for our annual work change, and while not all of us have “new” work there are some changes. It is also a time for us to pray for all your intentions concerning work – the unemployed, underemployed, those in difficult work situations. We also remember our public servants – the military, the police, the firemen, health care workers.

In August a storm caused a lightning strike and we had an experience firsthand of the professionalism of our local firemen. Within a few minutes they arrived to discover a small fire in our mechanical room but all that was left was a little smoke. We were touched by their efficiency and care.

We know you make sacrifices to support our life of prayer. Your faithfulness to our mission of intercessory prayer encourages each of us to respond whole heartedly to our call to prayer as our hearts continue to be inflamed by the love of Jesus.

With love and prayer,

Sr. Carolyn Forgette, osc and all your Poor Clare Sisters

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