"May almighty God bless you. May God look upon you with mercy and give you peace..."-Blessing of St. Clare

A message from our Abbess…

September 2018

Dear Friends

“Come all of you, and help me in this work, for one day there will be here a monastery of holy women, whose renown will bring glory to the Heavenly Father..." Testament of St. Francis

St. Francis shouted these words to those passing by as he rebuilt the little chapel of St. Damian. Soon Clare would come and make her home here and other sisters would follow.

Labor Day is always an opportunity to be grateful for the work God has given us to do as well as to pray for all those who help us to live our vocation.

Sometimes our visitors will ask, “What do the sisters do all day?” Of course, our main work is our life of prayer. We gather several times to pray together - for Eucharist each day as well as for the Liturgy of the Hours. Each sister has time for meditation and study. We also have time for manual work: the cooking, cleaning, gardening and maintenance of our building. We provide altar breads for many of the Churches in the Southeast. We offer prayer remembrance cards, have a retreat house for guests and offer spiritual direction. How do a dozen women do all this? We have over 60 volunteers who help us!

Your gift enables us to live our life of prayer as well as to share our life with others. We are grateful for all of you who share their time and talents and are “co-workers of Christ” with us !


Sr. Carolyn Forgette, osc and all your Poor Clare Sisters

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