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“Advent Reflection: Our World Needs Healing and So Do We”


Advent Reflection: Our World Needs Healing and So Do We By Sr. Maryann Jenkins, osc In St. Clare’s time these was much need of healing.  Testimonies after her death provide a portrait of those with bodily and mental afflictions coming to the Monastery seeking cures through Clare.  Her medicine was the Sign of the Cross […]

“Cleansing Our Temples: A Lenten Reflection”


My mother grew up on a small family farm in which everyone worked and nothing was wasted. The Apostle Paul’s words, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat”  (2 Thess. 3:10), was a daily reality for every member of the family. Working hard in the summer and fall paid off in the […]

“Must Our Differences Divide Us? What Can Francis & Clare Teach Us?”


People are so different! You’ve noticed: they think differently, feel differently, make different choices. Even in the same family, where one might expect that basic genetics would iron out some of this, differences remain. At issue is what we do with these differences. We can let them alienate us, separate us into cliques, harden into […]