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Don’t get me started…

by Susanna

On Thanksgiving, after enjoying a festive meal provided by generous donors, after fellowship with our dear brother friars, and after we’d washed just about every dish, pan, and utensil in the kitchen, our hearts were brimming with gratitude, but our bodies were tired. We prayed Evening Prayer together and then gathered in St. Clare’s, our […]

Dancing with God, Part 1

by SrSharon

Shall We Dance? I attended my first dance at age thirteen.  It was called a “Sock Hop”—an informal dance with a rather unusual name. The dance was held at the school’s gym and to protect the floor from hard soled shoes, we danced in our socks. Why it was called a “hop” escapes me.  Maybe we […]


by SrSharon

Everything in creation has a rhythmic ebb and flow.  Oceans slow dance with earth, moon and sun, creating the tides.  Heart muscles relax to fill and contract and surge life giving blood through our bodies. Circadian rhythms lead creatures, including us, into times of activity and rest. Our lives are marked by seasons of birth […]

Not Ashamed

by SrSharon

St. Francis said, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and if necessary, use words.” St. Paul said, “…and how can they believe in Christ if they have never heard about Christ? And how can they hear about Christ if they have never heard about Christ?… Whether by our words or our lives, we are the […]

“Good Labor”

by SrSharon

When I think of labor I remember the times when we all worked as a family.  On a crisp fall Saturday, every member of the family pitched in to rake leaves, edge walks, mow grass and sweep up. There was a rhythm in the day, orchestrated by nature.  When the sun stood straight up in […]

“Catch-Up Week”

by SrSharon

It is “catch-up week” at the monastery; a time to address unfinished projects, do major cleaning and clear out unnecessary stuff. Each day after Eucharist, sisters “dress down” in work clothes and begin to tackle what has been left undone for too long.  Vacuums, dusters and sisters, run at full tilt. As you can imagine, […]

“Beauty Waits”

by SrSharon

There is nothing more exciting than the moment before a flower blooms. The amaryllis in our Chapel is on the edge of its dawning day. It is almost, but not quite. A sliver of blossom pushes out of the stem’s enclosure screaming, “I am alive!  Wait and see!” That is the only action we can […]

“Five More”

by SrSharon

One day at dinner, a sister spotted two guinea hens foraging under the birdfeeder.  Eager to individualize them I asked, “What shall their names be?” “Ruth and Naomi!” piped up one sister. Ah, yes. The two gleaners from the Book of Ruth.  Perfect names for these two guinea hens. Ruth and Naomi must have spread […]

“Paper Bush”

by SrSharon

In the past year, three new friends have settled into our courtyard garden. They are sisters of a sort and their collective name is “oriental paper bush” or “Edgeworthia chrysantha.”  We know them as Sisters Joyce, Mary Clare and Helen, named for three of our sisters who slipped into eternity a couple of years ago, […]

Grateful For Our Way of Life

by SrSharon

I am so blessed to be living with women who are committed to a life of prayer and contemplation. Each one, in her own way, inspires me to be a better person and together we are becoming one beautiful, holy image of Christ. There is joy and fulfillment in my life, and I am so […]