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by Sr. Susanna

Despite the heat and humidity, the end of August can feel much like the beginning of January: it’s a time for fresh starts and new initiatives. The excitement of a new school year is contagious, even if you don’t have children. Somehow, the whole rhythm of life changes in response to these fresh opportunities for […]


by Sr. Susanna

When to keep going       … and when to stop We sisters had good lessons in persistence and prudence late Monday afternoon, when a fierce thunderstorm passed through Travelers Rest. We also had the opportunity to give thanks once again for God’s loving care and mercy, and for the support and expertise of so […]


by Sr. Susanna

There are many ways to describe the transitions in our lives. We may use metaphors and refer to opening doors or windows, crossing thresholds, climbing ladders or stairs, passing milestones, choosing paths or roads, undergoing metamorphosis, and even giving birth. Metaphors allow us to use simple words and phrases to describe complex changes, thereby grounding […]

One of the family

by Sr. Susanna

Even people who don’t know much about St. Francis know that he had a special bond with animals and birds. They may not have heard of the wolf of Gubbio, but they’ve seen garden statues of Francis with birds on his shoulders and may have even brought their family dog, cat, or hamster to one […]

Life lessons from Sr. Marie

by Sr. Susanna

Our blog has been quiet of late. Most of you know that on March 20th, our Sr. Marie was born into eternal life. While we rejoice at her new life, we miss her dearly. It’s going to take time for us to adjust to community life without her strong-yet-gentle presence. Since her death, we’ve each […]


by Sr. Susanna

Being a Christian means living in the tension between being and waiting. We strive to be fully present in each moment, and yet we earnestly wait for the coming of our Lord, for the day when God will wipe every tear from our eyes, feed every hungry person, heal every wound, bring justice to all, […]

Sunflowers, for Sr. Marie

by Sr. Susanna

This week, as Lent begins, the sisters plan to decorate Sr. Marie’s room with some very special sunflowers. We are making them by hand, and they will be big, bright, and positioned on the wall opposite her bed, so that she can see them easily. Each petal will represent one of the many people who […]

So blue

by Sr. Susanna

Normally, we can find suitable words to describe the details of our lives: our experiences, thoughts, feelings, prayers. The English language offers us a rich storehouse of words, many gleaned from other languages. Sometimes, especially when we are tired, unwell, stressed, or frightened, we may fail to find the apt word. At other times, the […]


by Sr. Susanna

What comes to mind when you think of the word joy? The laughter of a baby playing peek-a-boo with you A child giggling and belly-laughing as puppies playfully tumble over her and lick her face The glow of new parents gazing with wonder and delight at their hours-old baby The wide smiles and happy tears […]

Dancing With the One You Love

by SrSharon

Ocean wave blurred by motion; Hawaii Wall Art By: Vince Cavataio Do you remember the first time you danced with the one you love?  The moment when you looked into each other’s eyes and realized that you would dance with this one for the rest of your life? Do you remember what it felt like […]