Naomi stayed home

Naomi stayed home

One day at dinner, a sister spotted two guinea hens foraging under the birdfeeder.  Eager to individualize them I asked, “What shall their names be?”

“Ruth and Naomi!” piped up one sister. Ah, yes. The two gleaners from the Book of Ruth.  Perfect names for these two guinea hens.

Ruth and Naomi must have spread the word about the free bug and birdseed fete at the monastery. The next day there were three feathered diners, and not long after that, five.

As their number increased, we gave up naming them.  We know them now as “The Sisters.”    They are the talk of the monastery.  “The Sisters are here!”  “Did you see The Sisters gleaning under your bird feeder?” “I wonder where The Sisters are today!”

Yes, I do wonder.  As much as I love my feathered sisters, I long to see five human sisters sitting at our table, gleaning from God. Five more to fill up our monastery; five more to sing God’s praises; five more to become prayer for the world.

Five more…