pexels-photo-267345 socks and shoes

Shall We Dance?

I attended my first dance at age thirteen.  It was called a “Sock Hop”—an informal dance with a rather unusual name. The dance was held at the school’s gym and to protect the floor from hard soled shoes, we danced in our socks. Why it was called a “hop” escapes me.  Maybe we looked like bunnies hopping around on the dance floor.  Whatever the meaning of the name, I couldn’t wait to go and have some fun.

What was supposed to be a dance however, quickly turned into a staring contest, with boys on the visitors’ side, girls on the home side and a great ocean of gym floor in between.

We girls were taught to wait for an invitation to dance, and so we waited.  And we waited.  Finally, one courageous boy (future leader) scuffled over the great abyss of floor, hands wadded up in his pockets. He stopped in front of us and grinned a “Hello.” He just stood there grinning, first looking at us, then looking back to his fraternity as if to say, “It’s really not as bad as you think.”  Still, the boys didn’t budge.  After an eternal minute or two, he gave up, sat down on the bleachers and began to chat with us.

By now the music had slipped into my body and my feet were itching to dance.   I thought to myself, “This is ridiculous!”  I didn’t come here to chat!  I came to dance!

Without waiting for any invitation from boy or girl, I got up, moved on to the dance floor and waved others to come and join me.  Some girls jumped up, and so did our brave boy.   Eventually a few boys joined in the fun, and I know that those of us who danced had the better time that night

In being born, we have all shown up to the dance called “Life.”  How long we sit on the bleachers is up to us.  God is already on the dance floor beckoning each one of us to come and dance.  Jesus extends his hand, inviting us to join him in the dance, and God’s Spirit, like music, inspires us to move; to live fully the Christian life.  The choice is ours. We can sit, restlessly tapping our toes, and poke fun at those who are already “dancing.”  Or we can say “Yes!” to God’s invitation, take Jesus’ hand and, with the Spirit’s beautiful music stirring within us, get up, move out onto Life’s floor and dance.

Dancing with God part 2 next week…