Everything in creation has a rhythmic ebb and flow.  Oceans slow dance with earth, moon and sun, creating the tides.  Heart muscles relax to fill and contract and surge life giving blood through our bodies. Circadian rhythms lead creatures, including us, into times of activity and rest.

Our lives are marked by seasons of birth and death. Wisdom speaks well of this in the book of Ecclesiastes:  “To everything there is a season; a time for every purpose under heaven…” You can read the rest.

Then there is the rhythm of ordinary, daily life.  Like water gently lapping on the shore, the little laps of serving meals, carrying out family and work responsibilities and living in meaningful relationship with others shape us, hollow us out, and allow us the opportunity to meet and companion with, the Triune God.

Dancing with God next week…


Sr. Sharon of Jesus, osc