Petals for the sunflowers for Marie

This week, as Lent begins, the sisters plan to decorate Sr. Marie’s room with some very special sunflowers.

We are making them by hand, and they will be big, bright, and positioned on the wall opposite her bed, so that she can see them easily.

Each petal will represent one of the many people who love Sr. Marie and who are accompanying her, in prayer, as she prepares to step from this life into the eternal embrace of the Lord.

Here is how you can help these special sunflowers to bloom:

Come to the monastery this week (March 6th9th)

  • Attend Mass
    • 9 am on Ash Wednesday
    • 9 am on Thursday and Friday, March 7th—8th
    • 9 am Communion Service on Saturday, March 9th
    • 4:30 pm (Vigil) on Saturday, March 9th
  • Drop by
    • Wednesday, March 6th through Friday, March 8th: 9:30 am – 5 pm
    • Saturday, March 9th: 9:30 am – 4:30 pm

Write your name on one of the yellow petals in the basket in the lobby.

The sisters will use these petals to finish creating the wall decoration for Sr. Marie.

Why sunflowers?

If you’ve visited Italy in the summer, you’ll know that there are fields of them around Assisi. Poor Clares and other members of the Franciscan family associate sunflowers not only with Assisi but also with the Feast of St. Clare on August 11th, when the blooms are usually at their peak.

Sunflowers move their heads with the sun so that they continually face it. They remind us to keep our faces turned towards the Son of God, so that we follow Him every moment of our lives.

This is what our dear Sr. Marie continues to do as our Lord draws her gently toward Himself.

Come, add your name to a petal, and help us to create these special sunflowers for her.