Friends of the Monastery

We are confident that the One who began this good work will continue to complete it. It is right that we should think this way about all of you because we hold you in our hearts, you who are all partners with us in grace” (Phil1:7)

Poor Clares have traditionally lived a life of enclosure; that is, we are cloistered.

However, Clare lived such a life while at the same time she solicitously shared in the concerns of the citizens of Assisi. She cared for people’s needs in a very real, practical and personal way primarily through prayer, but also by her gift of healing and in giving counsel.

In other words, the original Poor Clares enjoyed a relationship of mutual and reciprocal support with their neighbors. That is our aim and desire as well.

Also as Clare did, we help to support ourselves… by the work of our hands: we distribute altar breads to parishes and churches and we produce prayer remembrance cards for those who request them.

And, like Clare, we live on alms; our gracious God provides for our daily needs through the generosity of our many benefactors.