Spiritual Direction

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What Is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a way of companioning another on their journey with God. Some of our sisters are available for this either while you are on retreat at La Foresta (our retreat house) or on a regular basis. A spiritual director is not a psychologist or counselor. A spiritual director is a companion who walks with you as you learn to communicate and deepen your relationship with God. There is an emphasis on your prayer life. The spiritual director helps you see how prayer leads you into conversation with God and helps you discover how God is working in your life. All sharing is one-to-one and confidential. This allows you to share your journey, life experiences, and recurring patterns of experience as you seek God’s deepening invitation.

What you can expect …

  • Unconditional welcome and respect for who you are and where you are in your life.
  • Permission to be yourself – unadorned, honest, striving for clarity and meaning
  • Encouragement and insight in an unrushed and prayerful environment.

How to prepare …

  • Prayerfully reflect, a day or two before your session, on what God would have you notice about your life, what you are working on, challenges you are facing.
  • Notice what Scripture passages speak to your heart or imagination at this time.
  • Make note of the concerns you want to bring to the session. Sessions last one hour, so consider in advance how you want to use the time.
  • Be prepared also for the movement of the Holy Spirit.

If you would be interested in having one of our sisters direct you, please contact Sr. Kathy DeLancey by email, sisterkathy@poorclaresc.com or telephone, 864-834-8015.

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