Initial Formation is a mutual discernment process which includes:


This is a period of 1-2 years when we spend time getting to know each other. We suggest that you come for several visits of varying lengths as your circumstances permit. At the end of this time when both parties are ready to take the next step, you apply for entrance into the postulancy.


This is usually a one-year period during which you live in community with the sisters so you can get an extended “real life” experience of what our life is like. It may be extended to a maximum of two years. At the end of this period, if there is mutual agreement, you may apply for entrance into the novitiate.


You are now a member of the community and the novitiate is a special time of learning the practical as well as the spiritual aspects of our life. This is a two year period, a sort of “spiritual sabbatical”.

Simple Profession

At the conclusion of the novitiate, if there is mutual agreement, you may request permission to make Simple Vows. You would remain in Simple Vows for a minimum of five years; this period can be extended up to eight years. During this time, you begin to assume more responsibility in the community and live the life fully as a professed member.

Solemn Profession

This is the final step in the initial formation process. At the end of your time in Simple Vows, you complete the discernment process, with the mutual consent of the Community, and make Solemn Vows, which are for life. You are then accepted into full membership in the community.