The Poor Clares' new little library

Now open: our little library!

Some monasteries are known for having substantial libraries with many valuable tomes.

In contrast, Poor Clare monasteries tend to have small “working” libraries, in keeping with the sisters’ desire to live simply.

Our library is typically small, but now, we have an even smaller one. Our new library is truly tiny, even by Poor Clare standards.

The good news is, it is located outside the cloister and therefore accessible to you. In fact, we designed it just for you!

The Poor Clares' Little LibraryWe’re pleased to announce the grand opening of our little library, which is located just outside the front door of the monastery, next to the statue of St. Francis. In this tiny library, you’ll find books about St. Clare, St. Francis, and Franciscan life as well as works about scripture, prayer, and spirituality. These are all books that the sisters have read and think that you might enjoy.

We invite you to browse the current collection. If you see a book that you’d like to read, take it. You are welcome to keep it, if you like; you can also share it with someone else or return it to the little library, as you wish.

We hope that you enjoy our new little library. Happy reading!